Vascular Lesion Removal

Vascular Lesion Removal & How It Works

Here is how The Erasure utilizes our advanced PicoStar picosecond laser to safely and effectively treat vascular lesions: Vascular lesions like spider veins, cherry angiomas and port wine stains occur due to abnormal blood vessel growth and dilation under the skin. The Erasure leverages PicoStar’s 532nm and 1064nm nanosecond pulses to selectively target hemoglobin pigment within these lesions. PicoStar’s adjustable spot sizes allow optimal coverage across vascular lesions of all shapes and locations. The extreme peak power and ultra-short pulse duration induces controlled photocoagulation to damage the walls of unwanted blood vessels feeding the lesions. Over the course of brief, comfortable laser treatment sessions, the targeted blood flow coagulates and damaged vessels are reabsorbed, eliminating the visible lesion. Some residual purpura (bruising) may initially occur but fades rapidly. Minimal anesthesia is needed during treatment. With PicoStar’s dual wavelengths and tunable parameters personalized to each case, The Erasure’s seasoned technicians can erase all types of vascular skin lesions faster and more effectively than ever before. Our patients appreciate the dramatic restoration of balanced skin tone and texture.