The Erasure stays cost effective and boasts the benefits of Using a PicoStar Laser

At The Erasure Laser removal, we understand getting a tattoo removed is almost as painful to your wallet as it is to your skin. Yet we believe high-quality laser removal should still be accessible even on a budget. That’s why we invested in advanced Astanza PicoStar picosecond laser technology to help us keep costs low while providing our clients the fast, effective treatments they deserve.

PicoStar’s subnanosecond pulse duration delivers pressureWave shockwaves that shatter ink particles far better than traditional Q-switched lasers. This means we can remove tattoos more thoroughly in fewer sessions – typically cutting treatments needed down from 10+ to as few as 4 or 5. Clients see excellent clearance after just 1-2 visits. Better results in fewer appointments makes PicoStar very economical.

This superior efficiency lets us pass significant savings down to our clients without sacrificing results. And PicoStar’s customizable spot sizes allow us to treat small tattoos just as effectively as full sleeves. From $100 touch up sessions to complete multi-appointment packages under $700, keep your wallet intact while erasing the ink you regret.

We also use PicoStar for pigmentation and vascular treatments between laser tattoo appointments. This keeps revenue up while providing budget-friendly skin rejuvenation services to even more people. The versatility to treat so many conditions with PicoStar gives us economies of scale critical for any growing business.

While chains rely on expensive marketing to turn profits on overpriced laser packages, our affordability comes from PicoStar’s performance. Spot-on picosecond technology delivers better laser tattoo and spots removal treatment efficiency over a wider variety of skin and ink colors than ever seen before. This lets us confidently promise clients cost-effective treatments and minimal discomfort.

PicoStar’s speed, power and skin safety profile allow a small lifestyle business like us to punch above our weight providing top-tier laser tattoo removal at reasonable prices. We look forward to showing more people how advanced laser technology can erase the baggage of your past without breaking your bank account!