Scar Removal

Here is how The Erasure utilizes our advanced PicoStar picosecond laser to safely and effectively treat scars:

Scars form when collagen production overwhelms damaged skin during the healing process, resulting in buildup of fibrous scar tissue. Leveraging PicoStar’s picosecond pulse precision, The Erasure can minimize the appearance of acne scars as well as surgical, traumatic or burn scars. PicoStar’s ultra-short Nd:YAG picosecond pulses target water within scar tissue at a microthermal zone to induce controlled coagulation. This remodels and restores collagen and elastin structure within the scar without damaging surrounding healthy tissue. Over a series of brief, comfortable laser sessions, PicoStar breaks up fibrous bands to smooth and even surface texture while stimulating new collagen production to replace scar tissue. This reduces visible pitting, atrophy, erythema and roughness for improved appearance and confidence. Patients experience minimal sensation with topical anesthetics. Some lingering redness may initially occur but fades rapidly. PicoStar’s tunable parameters are customized to each scar type and size for optimal resurfacing. The Erasure leverages PicoStar’s advanced picosecond precision to offer scar sufferers a safe, non-invasive option to dramatically improve scar texture, color and contour for smoother, brighter, renewed skin. Our clients love reclaiming their complexion by erasing the visible evidence of past damage.