Say Goodbye to Acne Scars with PicoStar Laser

For those struggling with the aftereffects of severe acne, the scarring and hyperpigmentation can be devastating for self-confidence. These stubborn marks are difficult to cover up and often don’t fade over time. Thankfully, advanced laser technology offers real hope for dramatically improving the appearance of acne scars. In particular, the picosecond pulses of the PicoStar laser can transform uneven, discolored acne-damaged skin.

How Does PicoStar Laser Erase Acne Scarring?

PicoStar laser treatments use photomechanical and photothermal effects to remodel and resurface acne-scarred skin from the inside out. The ultra-short picosecond pulses target the upper dermal layer where scars form. The laser’s energy stimulates your skin’s natural regeneration process increasing collagen and elastin production. At the same time, the intense but microscopic injuries created by the laser break up scar tissue. Your skin responds by producing new, healthy tissue that evens out depressions.

For atrophic ice-pick scars, the PicoStar laser physically disrupts fibrous bands through photomechanical impact. This releases the tethering effect that causes pitting. After a series of treatments, these scars appear much smoother. The same process reduces the appearance of large pores.

How PicoStar Removes Acne Hyperpigmentation

The PicoStar laser also excels at clearing up lingering hyperpigmentation from past acne breakouts. Its precise picosecond pulses target excess melanin in damaged skin cells. The concentrated energy shatters pigment clusters into tiny particles easily eliminated by your body’s immune system. Without this stubborn pigmentation, your complexion looks more even and luminous.

Why Choose PicoStar for Acne Scarring?

PicoStar rejuvenation provides significant advantages over traditional fractional CO2 and nanosecond lasers. There is very minimal pain and virtually no downtime with PicoStar acne scar removal. The photomechanical effects also mean lower settings are required for better results with less thermal damage. This equates to faster recovery between sessions. Most patients see noticeable improvement in just 2-4 treatments!

While some mild redness may occur after treatment, most people can resume normal activities right away. And your skin will just keep looking better between each session. free yourself from the self-consciousness of acne scarring. A clear complexion and confidence awaits with PicoStar acne scar removal.