Restoring Your Skin’s Natural Glow after Becker Nevus

Becker’s Nevus, also called Becker’s pigmentary hamartoma, results in flat, irregular, hyperpigmented skin patches that can be quite noticeable and concerning on appearance. At The Erasure Wellness Center, we leverage our advanced PicoStar picosecond laser to reliably lighten these lesions faster and more effectively than any traditional treatment modality.

Through PicoStar’s proprietary PressureWave pulse tuning technology, we can precisely target excess melanin particles within epidermal and dermal cells causing Becker’s Nevus overgrowth. The ultra-short pulse duration enables controlled photomechanical impact to shatter this pigment without thermal damage to surrounding healthy skin tissues.

Over a quick series of progressive sessions, the treated lesions will gradually darken and crust over as the damaged pigment rises to the skin’s surface before naturally flaking away. This reveals fresher undamaged skin with lighter, more balanced tone.

PicoStar’s adjustable spot sizes and customizable parameters allows our experienced technicians to tailor treatments to optimize results based on the unique size, location and darkness of each Becker’s Nevus case. Patients experience only mild discomfort – no need for anything beyond topical numbing creams to ease the rapid sessions.

While most competing laser options require 8-12 lengthy appointments, PicoStar’s unrivaled picosecond power clears Becker’s Nevus patches in just 4-6 brief visits with minimal downtime. Patients can return to normal activity promptly after each walk-in walk-out procedure.

In only a month or so, PicoStar visibly lifts away those dark pigmented skin lesions that may have plagued patients for years. This restores confidence and leaves skin with a refreshed, healthy, youthful glow. Becker’s Nevus doesn’t have to hold you back when the erasing power of picoseconds is on your side!