Reclaiming Beautiful, Balanced Skin With Lentigo(Sun-spot) Removal

Enjoying the sun for years, many notice the emergence of uneven dark spots marring facial skin, shoulders, hands and chest causing an aged, mottled appearance. While harmless, these lentigines can greatly detract from our complexions – and self confidence. The Erasure offers lentigo sufferers new hope through remarkable breakthroughs now enabling safe erasure of sun spots faster and more comfortably than ever imagined before.

The Erasure can precisely deliver brief pulses targeting excess melanin deposits causing lentigines of any size or area with no discomfort using our advanced PicoStar picosecond laser. Over a series of quick fade sessions, the spots simply flake away revealing considerably more even skin underneath.

Our precision techniques stimulate natural skin renewal, restoring brighter radiance and youthful texture without scarring or downtime associated with aggressive peels or dermabrasion. Many clients emerge not just spot-free initially, but displaying lasting collagen improvement leading to long term aesthetic skin rejuvenation over time.

While creams may temporarily bleach, only picosecond lentigo removal offers complete and permanent correction by erasing blemishes stemming from photodamage at their pigment source. In just few brief, relaxed appointments, we help patients unveil the balanced and confident revitalized complexion they deserve.

Don’t let uneven spots continue to age your beautiful skin prematurely. Discover the possibilities the latest clinical methods now offer right in your hometown to renew clarity and comfortably rewind your skin’s clock. Come see how we can help you put your best face forward again through lentigo removal with PicoStar!