Pigmented Lesion Removal

Pigmented Lesion Removal & How It Works

Pigmented Lesion/Sun spot Removal/Melasma

Here is how The Erasure utilizes our advanced PicoStar picosecond laser to safely and effectively treat pigmented lesions and sun spots: Pigmented lesions and sun spots arise from localized excessive melanin production in the skin typically due to sun exposure. Leveraging PicoStar’s ultra-short picosecond pulses, The Erasure can precisely target this excess melanin causing benign pigmented lesions. PicoStar’s 1064nm nanosecond pulses are preferentially absorbed by unwanted melanin pigment within lesions, leaving surrounding tissues untouched. The extreme laser peak power fragmentizes the pigment, destroying pigmented cells while coagulating vessels to remodel the skin. Over a quick series of comfortable laser sessions, the treated lesions progressively darken and crust over before naturally flaking off to reveal newer skin with lighter, more balanced tone and texture. PicoStar’s adjustable spot sizes optimize light delivery for optimal coverage and efficacy. Using integrated cooling techniques for ease of treatment, patients experience minimal sensation. Some residual redness may linger briefly before fading. Advanced PicoStar technology achieves better clearance of pigmented lesions in fewer treatment sessions than traditional platforms. The Erasure leverages PicoStar’s precision tunable picosecond technology to offer patients the most advanced solution to effectively and safely erase years of sun damage for revitalized, vibrant skin tone and clarity at any age. Our clients love the nourishing results reviving their skin’s healthy glow.

Before & After Results