Mole Removal

Pigmented Nevus (moles)

Here is how The Erasure utilizes our advanced PicoStar picosecond laser to safely and effectively treat pigmented nevi (moles): Pigmented nevi are benign moles that develop from concentrated melanin production in skin cells. Using PicoStar’s ultra-short picosecond pulses, The Erasure can precisely target excess melanin particles within pigmented nevi to lighten their appearance. The 1064nm wavelength is preferentially absorbed by melanin pigment. PicoStar’s extreme peak power allows controlled photomechanical impact to shatter melanin particles in pigmented moles with no diffusion into surrounding tissues. Over a quick series of comfortable laser sessions, pigmented nevi progressively fade to a lighter color closer to the patient’s natural skin tone as excess melanin is cleared from the treatment area. PicoStar’s tunable spot sizes allow optimal coverage across moles of any shape or size. Only topical anesthetics are used for ease of treatment. Patients may experience some residual redness initially which resolves quickly after each session. Darker moles require more repeat treatments for desired lightening, but excellent cosmetic improvement is achieved non-invasively. With PicoStar’s advanced precision picosecond technology, The Erasure can offer patients a safe, effective solution to smoothly lighten the appearance of benign pigmented moles. Our clients love revitalizing their balanced and confident complexion through these walk-in walk-out mole lightening treatments.