Lentigines present as flat, pigmented spots on sun-exposed areas that develop with aging and sun damage. Using The Erasure’s high-precision PicoStar laser, our technicians can precisely target the melanin particles causing these benign skin lesions. PicoStar’s ultra-short 1064nm picosecond pulses are preferentially absorbed by unwanted melanin pigment within lentigines. The extreme peak laser power fragmentizes the melanin particles, causing controlled destruction of pigmented lesions. Over a series of comfortable 5-10 minute laser treatments, the treated lentigines will progressively darken and crust over before naturally flaking off to reveal renewed skin beneath. PicoStar’s adjustable spot sizes optimize light delivery for lentigines of all shapes and locations. Topical anesthetics provide ease of treatment with minimal sensation. Some residual redness can occur but fades quickly. Darker lentigines may require more repeat treatments for desired clearance, but PicoStar’s advanced technology achieves better results in fewer sessions than traditional lasers. The Erasure leverages PicoStar’s precision picosecond capabilities to provide patients an effective, non-invasive solution to smoothly restore an even, youthful complexion by erasing unwanted benign lentigines on exposed skin areas like face, chest and hands. Our clients love the lasting skin rejuvenation results.