Improving Life With Nevus of Ota Removal

The prominent blue-gray patches of Nevus of Ota can greatly undermine self-image and confidence of children as well as adults, impacting everyday life. Despite being a benign birthmark, its facial location and dark hue invariably attract unwanted attention. The Erasure however uses advanced new treatments to offer hope for significant fading of these lesions – and an improved outlook.

The Erasure can precisely deliver ultra-short pulses targeting excess melanocyte pigment producing Nevus of Ota with no pain or downtime with our revolutionary PicoStar picosecond laser. Over successive fading sessions, our Technicians gently guide the darkness into peeling away revealing considerably lighter skin tone in treated areas.

While complete removal may not be possible in all cases, dramatic lightening of these oculocutaneous birthmarks can make a life-changing difference in restoring normal appearance and self-assurance. Our patients report increased willingness to appear in photos, boosted engagement at work and school thanks to reduced staring and questions from others. Removing the visual weight of Nevus of Ota patches allows inner lightness and confidence to emerge again.

If facial dark patches related to Nevus of Ota have weighed on your self-perception and curtailed normal activities, come see the possibilities. Precision picosecond removal at The Erasure offers those affected promising new options to comfortably reduce this burden at any age and enjoy life more freely again. Let’s start the conversation!