How Tattoo Removal is Done

Erasure’s Cutting-Edge Tattoo Removal Process

Wondering exactly how our advanced laser removal process works to erase your unwanted ink? At The Erasure, we utilize the latest picosecond laser technology to shatter tattoo particles faster and more effectively than ever before.

During each brief treatment, intense laser energy is delivered via trillionth-of-second pulses that pass through the skin and are selectively absorbed by pigment particles in the tattoo ink. Surrounding tissues are left untouched by this rapid transfer of energy.

The ultra-short pulse causes the targeted tattoo ink granules to instantly heat up and fragment into miniscule pieces. The body’s immune cells recognize these tiny fragments as foreign material and safely flush them away over the following weeks.

With each progressive session, more and more ink is shattered until the area is cleared of all detectable pigment. Complete removal success depends on factors like skin tone, tattoo location/size/age, and ink composition – but PicoStar’s advanced pressureWave pulses optimize clearance rates better than any traditional Q-switched or nanosecond laser.

Whereas outdated tattoo removal lasers might require 10-15 lengthy, painful sessions, Erasure’s PicoStar erases even difficult multi-color and professional tattoos in just 4-7 brief appointments with quicker healing.

Patient Comfort is Still Key

While laser tattoo elimination has greatly improved, we know first-hand it can still feel uncomfortable, especially over large or sensitive areas. That’s why patient comfort is our top priority with PicoStar treatments.

Our certified technicians employ integrated cooling techniques along with the powerful skin-numbing ability of our Zimmer Cryo 6 – blasting a continuous -22°F air stream onto the skin to numb before, during and after the rapid sessions. This allows us to keep you comfortable while the picosecond pulses work their magic erasing ink. You’ll be thrilled by the easy, pain-free experience that still delivers dramatic fading results visit after visit!

Let Erasure’s laser removal experts walk you through the possibilities and process in more detail during a free consultation. In only a few appointments with advanced PicoStar technology, you can erase the tattoos of your past and reveal the fresh future you want without discomfort or downtime!