Café’au’lait (birthmark)

Café-au-lait birthmarks are light brown pigmented skin spots that develop due to localized cellular overgrowth. At The Erasure, we leverage our high-powered PicoStar laser to reliably lighten café-au-lait lesions for noticeable improvement in appearance.

Our trained technicians customize treatment parameters to the size and darkness of each café-au-lait spot. Using PicoStar’s ultra-short picosecond pulses, we direct controlled photomechanical impact to the targeted pigment within lesions. This shatters and destroys excess melanin particles that cause the discoloration.

Over successive sessions, the café-au-lait spots crust over and gradually flake away, revealing lighter surrounding skin. Our PressureWave-tuned PicoStar technology enables safe, effective clearance of pigment in café-au-lait macules of all sizes, on all skin types.

Patients experience minimal discomfort with cold air, topical numbing creams or cryotherapy easing any sensation during these brief walk-in walk-out procedures. Some temporary redness, but no scarring. And PicoStar’s speed allows rapid treatment.

Leveraging this unparalleled precision and adjustability of our PicoStar picosecond platform, The Erasure’s seasoned technicians skillfully lighten café-au-lait lesions for remarkable improvement in appearance and confidence. Our patients love the lasting results from these non-invasive birthmark lightening treatments.

Nevus Ota (bluish-gray birthmark)

Nevus of Ota is a bluish-gray birthmark that arises on facial skin near the forehead, eyes and temples due to overgrowth of pigment cells in the dermis. At The Erasure, we leverage PicoStar’s ultra-short picosecond pulses to selectively target the excess melanin particles causing these lesions. PicoStar’s 1064nm Nd:YAG wavelength is preferentially absorbed by melanin pigment. The extreme peak laser power and nanosecond pulse duration allows controlled photomechanical impact to shatter dermal melanin particles in Nevus of Ota lesions. Over successive quick treatment sessions, the blue-tinged birthmarks will progressively fade to a lighter hue closer to the patient’s natural healthy complexion as the shattered pigment clears. PicoStar’s adjustable spot sizes optimize light delivery to lesion size and location. Using topical anesthetics for ease of treatment, patients experience minimal discomfort during these walk-in walk-out picosecond laser sessions. Some short-term redness may occur before fading. With multiple treatments, Nevus of Ota lesions can be cleared effectively with excellent cosmetic results. The Erasure leverages PicoStar’s precision picosecond pulse control to offer patients the most advanced solution available to smoothly restore an even skin tone by effectively lightening Nevus of Ota vascular birthmarks on the face. Our clients love their revitalized confidence in their appearance.