Café-au-Lait Mark Removal With Picoseconds and Cryotherapy

Café-au-lait birthmarks present as light brown blotchy skin patches that unfortunately affect many individuals to varying degrees. While harmless, they impact complexion – and can greatly undermine self-confidence when visible on arms, neck or face. At The Erasure, we now employ an advanced double-pronged solution to reliably lighten café-au-lait marks faster and more comfortably than topical creams alone.

Using our new revolutionary PicoStar picosecond laser, we precisely deliver ultra-short pulses targeting excess melanin deposits causing café-au-lait pigmentation. Over a quick succession of treatment sessions, the lesions crust over and shed off revealing considerably lighter, fresher skin underneath.

Despite the major advances in efficacy, precision lasers can still cause some discomfort – especially over larger surface areas. That’s why our certified technicians always couple PicoStar with our Zimmer Cryo 6 cooling machine for faster and deeper skin numbing to keep patients completely comfortable.

The powerful Cryo 6 chills skin rapidly to -22F, providing instant cold air analgesia before, during and after laser sessions when it’s needed most. Between picosecond pigment shattering and continuous cryoanalgesia, we can now erase café-au-lait marks much faster with better outcomes AND a relaxing, spa-like experience our clients rave about.

While café-au-lait blemishes often persist despite topical treatments, the combination of PicoStar precision and Zimmer Cryo relief now provides a new gold standard in rapid, comfortable lesion lightening for outstanding cosmetic improvement regardless of body area or size. Come see the possibilities for unveiling your best complexion!