Bringing Hope to Those with Vascular Lesions

If you have a vascular lesion – commonly referred to as a birthmark – you may feel embarrassed and self-conscious about this area of discolored skin. Vascular lesions come in many forms such as port wine stains, hemangiomas, and telangiectasias(spider veins). These abnormal blood vessel growths can appear anywhere on the body and be light pink to deep purple in color.

Regardless of the type or appearance, living with a conspicuously placed vascular lesion often negatively impacts one’s self-confidence and emotional wellbeing. You may avoid activities you enjoy due to feeling uncomfortable or worried about stares from others. Clothing choices, hairstyles and relationships can also be affected by distress regarding the appearance of vascular lesions.

The Erasure ,understands the profound effects these skin conditions can have not just physically, but psychologically and socially. We specialize in dramatically improving the appearance of vascular lesions using state-of-the-art Laser procedures. Most of our patients report life-changing boosts in self-esteem after undergoing our advanced laser therapies, to significantly fade and blend stubborn vascular lesions.

Imagine no longer feeling the need to hide that prominent hemangioma or port wine stain. Consider all the activities, clothing options and personal connections you’ve missed out on due to lacking self-assurance. Treatment by our compassionate Technicians can help erase those physical and emotional burdens leading to greater comfort in your own skin. Contact  The Erasure today to learn more about specialized vascular lesion removal procedures. Let us help you erase self-doubt and rewrite the story of your skin, confidence and possibilities.