Becker Nevus

At The Erasure, we utilize our specialized PicoStar laser to safely and reliably lighten Becker’s Nevus lesions in affected patients. Becker’s Nevus results in hyperpigmented skin patches with uneven, well-demarcated borders, often appearing dark brown or black in color.

Through PressureWave-tuned picosecond pulses produced by PicoStar, we can selectively target the melanin pigment within epidermal and dermal cells of Becker’s Nevus lesions. The extremely short pulse duration allows our technicians to deposit laser energy to precisely shatter excess melanin particles that cause this benign skin overgrowth.

Over a series of progressive PicoStar treatment sessions, darkened skin patches gradually crust over and desquamate to reveal fresher skin underneath with lightened pigmentation closer to the patient’s natural complexion. Customizable spot sizes on PicoStar allow our techs to appropriately match the coverage to each unique Becker’s Nevus presentation for optimal results.

Our clinic prioritizes patient comfort – all procedures use only topical numbing ointments with minimal sensation felt during the rapid treatments. Some residual redness may persist for a couple days but patients can quickly return to normal activities.

With the precision, speed and adjustability of our advanced PicoStar technology, The Erasure achieves safe, effective clearance of Becker’s Nevus lesions faster than ever before. Our patients are thrilled by the lightened appearance achieved through these walk-in walk-out pigmentation lightening sessions using the unparalleled power of picoseconds.